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CDP News

CDP News #10 - Spring 2014

52 p.

  • Med-Wolf - A new project to decrease man-wolf conflicts in Mediterranean-type areas
  • Recovering traditional husbandry practices to reduce wolf predation on free-ranging cattle in Iberia
  • Management and conservation of wolves in Asturias, NW Spain - Is population control justified...
  • Sheep pastures in the Valais - Sustainability, management structures
  • Alternatives to livestock guarding dogs - Llamas, donkeys, fence-systems and aversive conditioning...
  • The CanOvis project - Studying internal and external factors that may influence livestock guarding dogs’ efficiency...
  • Livestock guarding dogs in Europe - paying attention to the context is important...
  • An innovative approach to mitigate the conflict between large carnivore conservation and local communities
  • Use of dogs in the mediation of conservation conflicts

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