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CDP News

CDP News #09 - December 2005

48 p.

  • Livestock Guarding Dogs: from the Transhumance to Pre-Zygotic Selection
  • What is Wrong with Romanian Livestock Guarding Dogs?
  • The Karakachan Dog – Continuation of an Old Bulgarian Tradition
  • Providing Livestock Guarding Dogs and Compensation of Livestock Losses Caused by Large Carnivores in Bulgaria
  • Livestock Guardian Dogs Protect Sheep in the Alberta Foothills, Canada
  • The Use of Livestock Guarding Dogs in Portugal
  • Briefing on the Re-Introduction of LGDs in Catalonia (Spain)
  • The Institutionalisation of Livestock Protection in the Alps with respect to the Small Scale Agriculture of Switzerland
  • Experiences with the Maremmano-Abruzzese as a Livestock Guarding Dog in Switzerland

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